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Be Zen with Japanese-Inspired Mindfulness!

Wellbeing 1 October 2019

With all the excitement happening in Japan, Super Troopers with Laya Healthcare has gathered some of our favourite Japanese-inspired mindfulness techniques for you and your little ones to try!


Translated to “rock garden”, karesansui is a Japanese zen garden! Create your own miniature zen garden at home by following these steps:

  1. Get a small, shallow tray
  2. Pour a little bit of sand or soil into the tray
  3. Gather some rocks from your garden or a local park and place them into the tray
  4. Gather small twigs from your garden or local park (these can act as rakes!)
  5. Move the rocks and sand around with the twigs as a sensory and mindful activity!

Tea Ceremony

In Japan, people practice present-moment awareness each and every day. In tea ceremony, you take the time to notice the design of the cup before drinking and appreciate the decoration of the tea room, which reflects the foliage and blooms of the month. But beyond that, the ceremony celebrates being where you are and spending time with whoever you are with. Have some mindful tea or lunch with your Super Trooper!